Sunday, November 2, 2008

FOTD 11/1/08

For the eyes I used Painterly Paint Pot as the base.
Eyeshadows: The yellow side of Loreal Hip Flamboyant and Ulta Granite.
Mascara: Maybeline Colossal Volum Express

MAC Red she said

Okay, I was excited to view the new eyeshadows in this collection. Unfortunately, I was a bit let down. Many of the mineral eye shadows look very similar to colors I bought previously. The only one that really stood out to me was "Interview". The red in "Danger Zone" looks just like the red in Mi'Lady which was in the mineralize collection last year. I already have silver and black shades that look just like the ones in Danger Zone. "Threesome" looks like "Play on Plums" and the madness continues from there. Likely the only one I will buy is Interview, the store that I went to was out so I will try to get it when they're back in stock. Oh well...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gold eye

For this look, I used MAC bronze, amber lights, and shroom on my eyes.

A more natural look

I just used MAC eyeshadow in Folie and blush in Ambering Rose. On lips, I used MAC lip gelee in Slicked Pink.

Cute look

I don't remember what makeup I used, I just thought I looked crute! lol

Date look

Well, I went on a date Sunday and this was my makeup look. I used L'oreal HIP in Dynamic. For eyeliner, I used MAC Blacktrack. For mascara, I used Christian Dior Diorshow. On my lips, I used Carol's Daughter's Candy Paint in "This is me".

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm hip to HIP!

So... Perusing through some of the blogs, I found that some of the beauty experts were using L'oreal Hip eyeshadow. I decided to give HIP a try. For under 6 bucks a pop, might as well right? Well I am in love! HIP is giving MAC a run for their money. The colors show up great on my skin and you get two colors for the less than half the price of ONE MAC eyeshadow. I have bought almost all of the HIP shades. Today I wore Flamboyant which is gold and purple.

MAC Mineral eyeshadow

Well, I've tried almost all of the new mineral eyeshadow shades. Many of them were similar to colors I already had so I only kept the Fresh Green Mix. I love that one! I didn't think the mixed side would show up as well on my skin as the green side but it does. I am considering rebuying the Play on Plums because I think the darker side was pretty. The lighter side was just too similar to Expensive Pink for me. I didn't want to pay 17 bucks for it when I only needed one side of it, since I already have Expensive Pink. I'll have to think on it. Anyhoo, here is me with my Fresh Green Mix.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beauty Blog

I decided to create a separate blog for beauty. I am still working on getting good enough lighting so that my eyeshadow will show up as well as it looks in person! Pics coming soon!