Sunday, January 25, 2009

Are certain ingredients really that harmful to hair?

Being a part of the natural hair community and participating in certain natural hair forums, I have noticed that many naturals refuse to use products with ingredients such as mineral oil, lanolin, etc... I understand the concern because some of those ingredients clog pores, and things of that nature, which could impede hair growth or the moisture process. BUT, I was thinking back to my childhood when I was relaxer free... I remember hair products being used such as Blue Magic, Bronner Brothers Super Gro,getting my scalp greased, and my hair thrived. My cousin had extremely long hair and her mom used all of those products as well. We were relaxer free but had products on our scalp and in our hair that are balked at by many today. Even though those products aren't the most natural, they definitely helped keep our hair healthy. So, are those ingredients that bad after all? If they worked for so many years, should the sentiment remain, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"?

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Amina said...

interesting post!!
when i was a kid, i also used blue magic, dax (the green one),soft sheen....
my hair was manageable and i think it helped to coat the hair and allowed it to comb...

but when i look back at it,my hair was either dry or greasy..not nourished like when i use natural products.

Plus, i have to admit that we used soap for the body (extremely harsh) and we never used conditioner.....that didn't help