Saturday, November 27, 2010

My new fav body wash!

Due to Carol's Daughter no longer carrying the "You're so clean" body cleansing gel *insert side eye here*, I had to find a replacement.

Yes, I do have 1 unused bottle left as well as about 1\4 of product left in the bottle I'm currently using (As I tend to buy multiples of products I really like) but I didn't want to completely run out before finding a suitable stand in. I absolutely LOVE the way this body wash smells, the minty fresh aroma is just divine. I truly feel so clean, as the title states. But, as mentioned, it is no longer available.
I have tried Pure and Natural body wash that I purchased from Target before in the "Oatmeal and shea butter" and the "Almond oil and cherry blossom" fragrances. I liked them both. I use more natural products on my skin since my skin is sensitive. I went to Big Lots to get some cheap pens and pencils to give students and found myself on the soap aisle. I stumbled across Pure and Natural body wash in "Rosemary and Mint".

I purchased one and tried it later on that night. I fell in love. The mint aroma isn't as overt as the Carol's Daughter but I still enjoy inhaling the freshness of the wash. Also, the wash was only $4.50 at Big Lots which is a few bucks cheaper than Tar-Jay! Needless to say I went back to Big Lots the next day and purchased a few more bottles! Hey, rather be safe than stinky! :)

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intel said...

That is some awesome crazy! I have terrible skin problems too, so I crave one